Contact me regarding all your copyediting needs!

I specialize in editing genre fiction for writers who are polishing a final draft of their manuscript. I also have experience in legal and business terminology, website content, resumes, and academic papers (I am familiar with both MLA and Chicago styles).

Have you written a story, and do you want your manuscript to catch a publisher’s or agent’s attention? A professionally edited submission can make a significant impact on the first person who reads it, and can give your work an advantage over the other submissions in the pile.

I would be pleased to discuss the specifics of your project and provide you with a quote. I have a competitive hourly rate, and in order to give you a quote I will ask for your total word count, and a sample of a few pages of your work.

What is copyediting?

Copyediting is checking an author’s work for consistency in formatting and mechanics (including punctuation), examination of alphabetization and numbering of footnotes and works cited, correcting grammar, syntax, and spelling, Canadianizing spelling and usage where necessary, and suggesting revisions to wordy, convoluted, or unclear sections. Copyediting does NOT include fact checking, major structural edits, or review of logic.